Virtual In-house Counsel

Our shared experience as litigators, in-house counsel and insurance industry executives has allowed us to develop significant risk management expertise.  We understand the importance of knowing our client’s business and how legal risks intersect with key commercial objectives.

Our innovative services offering is designed to anticipate client challenges and to provide a competitive advantage by avoiding unforeseen hazards.

We enjoy becoming part of a client’s strategic advisory team.  We recoILS 2gnize that most clients cannot afford dedicated in-house counsel who can navigate around the unforeseen risks that we deal with on a regular basis. Starting with our 360° risk assessment, we work closely with our clients to develop a management plan to address critical business risks. Cognizant of limited resources, we create an implementation strategy that sets achievable priorities that will yield maximum cost benefit for the business.  Recognizing that strong relationships are built on trust and understanding, we view the preliminary stages of our assessment as part of the client service offering and develop cost models that are tailored to a client’s unique needs and budget.

We would pleased to discuss our innovative services offering at your convenience.

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